23 August 2011

Introducing... Lucy Scot

Hi I'm Lucy Scot Carr I was born June 27, 2011 at 4:31 in the afternoon.
I weighed 5lb. 11oz. and was 19.25 inches long.
My favorite things to do are sleep, of course, look out the window, meeting new people, hanging out in the moby wrap (thanks Ali) and taking bathes.
I don't like crying, being woken up by loud noises, getting dressed, or getting shots.
I'm not sure what to think about Sulu the beagle, getting my diaper changed, daddy's beard, or the hiccups.

Props the the photographer Micah Dorsey for capturing amazing moments in time of sweet Lucy.

18 August 2011

mint&honey summer projects

I fit in a couple of more mint&honey orders before Lucy was born. Now I'm taking a short break to get adjusted to having her in my life. Things have definitely slowed now that she is sleeping much longer through the night and having her here is not as daunting as it was at the beginning. At first, I thought I would never get anything accomplished with all the bottles I had to wash, diapers I had to change and the feedings that seemed like they were starting just as we had finished the last one. Now at seven weeks old, I feel like I know exactly what to expect each day with her and having her here finally is the greatest!

21 June 2011

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

Our last big undertaking in our house was the main bathroom. We knew there was going to be a lot involved in updating and transforming it, so we put it off to the end. Kelly again is such a trooper taking this on. He completely stripped down the room by removing drywall, ripping up the tile to the sub floor, and removing the handicap shower stall. And then, we knew there was no turning back. After many hours spent watching youtube videos about how to do this and that and talking with the people at Home Depot and Lowe's who probably knew Kelly by name at the end of all this, he finally finished. It took from January to May but WE'RE FINISHED! So, to put this room back together again; Kelly installed a bathtub (because he loves his baths), tiled the walls around the tub, tiled the floor, tiled the countertops, installed new drywall on the walls and the ceiling, painted, put up new trim and installed all the hardware and I'm sure I'm leaving some things out. Again, I'm so proud and thankful he's such a hard worker and see's projects to their very end. Doing this ourselves saved us so much money.

Tile: Lowe's
Sink & Faucet: Lowe's
Mirror: Target
Light Fixture: Pendant - Amazon; Shade - Ikea
Bathroom rug: West Elm
Shower curtain: West Elm
Knobs: Anthropologie
Frames: Ikea

15 June 2011

Lucy's Nursery: Before & After

Lucy's nursery is complete except for some very minor details, so I'm going to show off the cutest parts. Before there were even these wood floors, there was some very old knotted carpet that Kelly had to rip up. He sanded the wood floors and and added a light coat of varnish. He painted a fresh coat of paint and completely changed the shelving in the closet. I am so thankful for him, he worked so hard on getting everything ready for me to decorate. I love how everything turned out. The nursery feels calming, there's lots of natural light and we feel it really reflects our style on a budget.

Paint: Turtledove by Behr & Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore
Crib: Hand me down
Bedding: Duvet from Urban Outfitters, transformed into bedding by GreenNeedle
Dresser: Hand me down
Knobs: Anthropologie
Rocking Chair: Ikea
Frames: Ikea
Curtains: Urban Outfitters

And my sister just bought this vintage embroidered piece to hang in the nursery, it's sooo cute!

08 June 2011

Lucy's Shower!

I've had an amazing three showers for Lucy and cannot believe the generosity of family, friends and friends of family I barely know. I feel the closest to being ready for Lucy's arrival than I've ever felt. I'm still incredibly anxious about the exact day this will all happen but that's a given I think.
Below is an invitation I designed for one of my showers. I literally couldn't help myself from doing it, I know it's suppose to be someone else's job but I wanted to do something to contribute to the showers.

One of the most memorable gifts of the shower is this incredible quilt from Brooke. She only started quilting recently and her quilts appear as though she's been doing this forever. The shot below is from her blog but is pretty much exactly what Lucy's quilt looks like. It will be something we will care for and treasure always! There's no tellings the countless hours Brooke put into making this and Kelly and I are just amazed by her talent and gesture! You should definitely bookmark her Etsy shop Pennington's Quilts, she is always working on something new for her shop!

Coming soon are pictures of our bathroom makeover, and Lucy's nursery (which is so close to being finished!)

15 May 2011

mint&honey event postcards

I have slowed down working with mint&honey since entering my third trimester. School has required a bit more of my time and since I've decided to pursue a national board certification next year. I really want to focus on preparing for that before this school year ends.
This spring I have worked on these pretty postcards, I keep incorporating more watercolor into mint&honey and I'm really loving the look. I have a couple of more paper goods to get to before Miss Lucy gets here so I'll be spending the rest of my May working on those.

I hope in the next couple of weeks to get some photos of the nursery and our finished bathroom! Sooo happy we can turn our back on that project and begin enjoying our home that is free of tools lying around and the layer of dust that was constantly there.

29 March 2011

Nursery: Stuffed Animals & Pillows

This past week I lifted the burden of completing my baby registry. I have been reading reviews and combing websites since January trying to find items with reasonable prices with the style we're wanting to achieve in the nursery. Along the way I bookmarked a lot of cute things in and out of my price range.
I was never really attached to any of my stuffed animals growing up, though they were a comfort to have around and I loved piling them up then jumping into them. They were not that special to me. A teddy bear looked like every other teddy bear out there, no uniqueness to them. So I became real excited when I came across cute stuffed animals and pillows on Etsy and other sites, I just had to share.

Stripey Pipey ($42) - The Black Rabbit
Double Decker Bus Pillow ($85) - Bliss Living

Orla Kiely Fabric Cats ($24) - Jane Foster Screen Printed Products

Mabel Marigold the Spring Bunny Plush ($26) - Sleepy King

Liam the Woodland Fox ($38) - Sleepy King

Lion Screen Printed Pillow ($26) - Sass & Peril

Little Red Riding Hood Softie Pillow ($23) - Pink Nounou

25 March 2011

Bathroom Redo

According to my diligent and hard working husband, our bathroom makeover that has been in progress since the middle of January is down to two weeks until completion. I was very surprised and pleased to hear this. But I'm going to give him a month anyway, because I've learned there are always set backs.

Here is a little of what I've envisioned for the bathroom. And some pictures of some of the accessories I have picked out.
  • Gut shower stall, install new bathtub (check)
  • New tiling around bathtub (check)
  • Replace ceiling tiles with drywall (check)
  • Replace paneling with better walls (check)
  • Replace floor (almost there)
  • Replace sink (bought not yet installed)
  • Replace tile for countertop (almost there)
  • Fresh coat of paint on everything (in progress)

Above are the two pictures that are our inspiration in color and style of the bathroom.

Floor tile design we have picked out from Lowes.

I would love the find a pendant shade similar to this, but unfortunately this one is out of my budget.

I love this raw wood shelving with iron brackets from Pottery Barn, but yet again it would be a tight fit into the budget.

Untraditional choice for a bathroom rug/mat, but I wanted a splash of pink in there and I got a good deal on Overstock for this one.

Shower curtain from west elm

04 February 2011

Nursery Art

The search begins and it needs to begin now because I am incredibly picky and indecisive about picking out things for our house. So I've been creating a wish list on wishpot.com of all the things I've come across online that I am considering for the baby and our nursery. There is not a definite color scheme I have in mind, or maybe I just want it to appear that I don't have a color scheme. Regardless, what hangs on the wall is a defining part of the feel of a room. Here is some cute art prints I've come across that goes with what we envision for the nursery.

1. Canal Street New Orleans by Matte Stephens
2. Dear You, Mister Bear by blackoutwell
3. Uh Oh by Rifle Paper Co.
4. Friends of Violet by Studio Violet
5. Doudou ABC Print by Kayatine

30 January 2011

2011 Valentine Cards

I finally got my new Valentine cards in the shop. I know I'm a week or two behind. But that's what you can come to expect from someone doing this on the side for fun. I always do two kinds of cards, one you can give to just about anyone and another that's more for that special someone. I choose to do "XO" this year because it reminds me of my grandmother. No matter what the occasion, in a card or letter, she would always sign off my putting lots of x's and o's. So I've picked up that tradition with the cards I give to my family members. It's a sweet way of remembering her. The XO is made up of floral elements. I love it when designers and artists incorporate illustration with typography, and it inspired me with the design of this card.
My second card is a print and is fairly simple. It kind of came to me on a whim. It states "you are my one and only." I found a nice big chunky number one that I could fit this message into. The words are hand drawn by myself and printed with black ink onto an off white matte card stock. Both of the cards are 5"x7" and come with a craft brown envelope. You can purchase these cards as well as two of my previous cards from last year in my Etsy shop. There is free shipping within the U.S. from now until Valentine's Day.

01 January 2011

Goodbye 2010!

I was looking back at the New Year's Resolutions I made last January to see how faithful I had been to my goal for 2010, and I was really surprised by all that we were able to accomplish.
Goal: Progress on House (Paint: Den, Bedroom, Studio; Carpet: Studio; Retile: Bathroom)
I had a whole bunch of projects for our house and almost every single thing I mentioned got finished; with the exception of the bathroom. But it such a relief to almost have our home completely updated. And I couldn't have done it without Kelly's help. He played a MAJOR role in getting most things finished and looking right. But our bathroom is about to be tackled we've almost reached our goal in our savings to be able to start working on it. It will be one of our biggest undertakings yet.
Goal: Find inexpensive/modern/mid-century furniture for our home.
Second, I realized that the dream of getting all the furniture I wanted for our house was going to be a little difficult with our funds and my pickiness. And that's okay, we did manage to get my grandmother's couch reupholstered and as soon as I find the perfect fabric I will get her wingback reupholstered as well. I scored so really great pieces of art and bought curtains for most of the rooms.
Goal: Get my sewing machine out of the box that I get for Christmas last year and get crafty.
Third, I guess you can say I halfway met this goal. I got the sewing machine out of the box. I just didn't take the time this year to learn how to use it. So I will carry that resolution over to 2011.
Goal: Create a 2011 calendar.
Fourth, I did start on my 2011 calendar very early in the year in fact. But some unforeseen events, put my interests elsewhere and I was unable to finish it. Oh well, these thing happen and I'm not too sad about it.
Goal: Be health conscious
Fifth, I actually feel really good about this resolution. I did drink way more water this year, I cooked really healthy and for a while this past year I ran and did yoga. So hooray, goal accomplished.
2010 has been really great to us! I was able to be involved with some art related projects in our community. And we are expecting our first child summer 2011. So no doubt 2011 will also be an incredibly memorable year, since I'll be spending the first half pregnant and the second half getting acquainted to motherhood.