16 July 2009


I'm spending my 2nd wedding anniversary in Carmel by the Sea, CA during our family vacation to Pismo Beach, CA. I did a little hand lettered message inspired by this antique wooden sign. I thought the message was simple and true to our lives.

Some photos of past trips to Pismo Beach when Kelly and I were still dating. Happy Anniversary to my loving husband! July 20, 2007!

06 July 2009

m&h business cards!

Here are two business cards I made for mint&honey papergoods Friday night. I am wanting to get these printed on mini moo cards to send out with my orders and to just pass around. I'm also wanting to get a custom stamp made so I can stamp the back of my papergoods or stamp the envelopes I send them off in. If you know of a good place to get one made, please let me know!

01 July 2009

engagement party

Funny picture of our dog, Sulu, during our move. I laugh so hard when at the look at his face in this picture!

Cute little engagement party invitation I cooked up this evening. I think this would work for a wedding invitation too!