06 July 2009

m&h business cards!

Here are two business cards I made for mint&honey papergoods Friday night. I am wanting to get these printed on mini moo cards to send out with my orders and to just pass around. I'm also wanting to get a custom stamp made so I can stamp the back of my papergoods or stamp the envelopes I send them off in. If you know of a good place to get one made, please let me know!


chelsie-dianne said...


One of my friends from SMU sent me a personalized stamp that has our last name and address on it! I think it is the neatest thing EVER! You should see what they can do for you!

chelsie-dianne said...

Marsha Somerville RSVP Printing ● SE

3802 Skyline Boulevard - Texarkana - TX 75503 -- 903-832-4712

This place in texarkana actually sells these stamps.. I think. It says on their website you can send in your own design.. there are some specifications, but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

la famille bizarre said...

i absolutely love your work! can't wait to throw a party so i can use mint and honey!