24 February 2009

Our Floppy Ear Friend

The Sunday after Valentine's Day Sulu, the beagle, became apart of our family. Here are a couple of pictures of our new floppy ear friend.

21 February 2009

home sweet home

Here are some pictures of our small apartment we moved into over the christmas holidays. It's beginning to have a cozy feel to it. There are still some empty places on the wall where art is needed but I am not going to rush it. I have my eye on a couple of things on Etsy that I plan on purchasing that I think will be the right fit.

The art in our apartment is a combination of old calendars, vintage children's illustrations, and a radiohead poster from their concert last may.
I love the built-in bookcase in this room.
Since our apartment is a one bedroom, we had to convert our living room into half living space and half working space. And it works!
We moved our red bookcase into the kitchen to make it more cheerful. We filled it with thrift finds, cookbooks and our colorful dishes found at Crate&Barrel Outlet. We made a trip to Ikea to fill in some lonely areas.

I will have to post pictures of the newest addition of our family next time!

08 February 2009

valentine's prints

I have not been much of a blogger lately, this new year seems as though it has been a bullet shot out of a gun, it's moving so fast, too fast for me. I am excited about some of the projects that are coming up that I get to work on. I am creating a map for my dear friends wedding invitation, a birthday invitation for my friends daughter, and some personal stationary for a friend to I've gotten more handwritten letters from than just about anybody.

Unfortunately other things have crept in to take away my time, I am doing after school tutoring, preparing for a kindergarten program, and I'm being forced to take Arkansas History online in order to become a certified teacher in Arkansas. That is taking the bulk of my time. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the new year very much and I am hoping a puppy is in the future for us. We'll see!

Here are some Valentine prints I have been working on.