08 February 2009

valentine's prints

I have not been much of a blogger lately, this new year seems as though it has been a bullet shot out of a gun, it's moving so fast, too fast for me. I am excited about some of the projects that are coming up that I get to work on. I am creating a map for my dear friends wedding invitation, a birthday invitation for my friends daughter, and some personal stationary for a friend to I've gotten more handwritten letters from than just about anybody.

Unfortunately other things have crept in to take away my time, I am doing after school tutoring, preparing for a kindergarten program, and I'm being forced to take Arkansas History online in order to become a certified teacher in Arkansas. That is taking the bulk of my time. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the new year very much and I am hoping a puppy is in the future for us. We'll see!

Here are some Valentine prints I have been working on.

1 comment:

knack said...

I absolutely love your "through love serve one another" print ..... will those be for sale?

Take care! :)