26 January 2010

Birch Tree Decals

Ever since I've seen this post last June on knack's blog, I have seen dying to get these trees in my entry way. Well, one purchase from artfire and a paypal claim later they were in my hands! It's not worth mentioning which seller I got them from because they caused such a hassle. Since we finally got our living painted and things looking relatively good in there, we decided it was time to hang the trees. I'd been kind of scared of the whole process though because I didn't want to mess them up, but our friend Will and his wife hung some in their new apartment and he said it wasn't hard at all. And he was right! I love how they look, I'm just debating on whether to put a bird perched on the branch above the front door though. Not sure if the bird thing is too trendy or not. I'll have to sleep on that.

24 January 2010

mint&honey valentines

These Valentine goods along with the "Beat Faster" card in the previous post will be in my Etsy shop on Tuesday! So excited to finally get them in there.
"Altogether Beautiful" 8"x10" Print - $8.00
"Love" Folded Card, Blank Inside, 5"x7", Light Gray Envelope - $3.00
"Be Mine" 5"x7" Flat Card, Light Gray Envelope - $3.00
"How Beautiful" 5"x7" Folded Card, Craft Paper Envelope - $3.00

Have a great week!

18 January 2010

Valentine Preview

I love maps, like really love maps. Sometimes I think I get carried away with it because I have stacks of old vintage national geographic maps, calendars of maps, pictures hanging on my wall of maps, in my blog banner, books about them and so on. I just think they are great and beautiful. I love the lines on them and how they mimic a blueprint of God's creation.
Anyway, you will see them in many of my designs, just warning you.
The valentine's that I am working on are inspired by the book of Song of Solomon. I found many lovely quotes from Solomon to his bride in the book as I was reading through it earlier this week. Here is just one example.

14 January 2010

Lighting Makeover

I have been so busy working on mint&honey and working on my living room I have neglected blogging. As we're nearing the end of the work that needs to be finished in the living room, I'm trying to think of solutions for lighting. I am debating on spray painting both of these fixtures but have no idea what color to choose. If I drive myself crazy and can't decide I will just buy new lighting. The colors in my living room are a light gray and white, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Getting ready to add some Valentine cards and prints to my etsy shop next week. So be sure to check them out!

01 January 2010

Welcome 2010

I thought there would be a greater chance of my goals for the new year getting accomplished if I were to put it in writing. I have several more that are typically generic that most people re-add to their resolutions each year; those I will stick to my mirror perhaps.
The first one on the list is top priority! The environment I put myself in affects my creativity, motivation and attitude. We moved into our first home at the beginning of July and have finished the kitchen, laundry room and almost finished with the dining/living room. I guess with a full-time job and my husband gone the whole month of July that is a lot of work accomplished. I'm crossing my fingers I will have everything finished by the time my summer break is over, that would be a dream come true!
I will also be radically searching craigslist, antique/thrift stores, garage sales for furniture for our home. I am by curse and by blessing one of the pickiest people alive when it comes to how I decorate my house so needless to say we hardly have any furniture because I've been enable to find anything I can live with for a decent price. So after all this work is finished on my house it will look quite bare if I don't find some items to fill in space. Maybe some random person will come to my door and say "Here's my credit card I want to get whatever you want at Room & Board." Ha!
I should put that dream aside for now and focus on the rest of my resolutions. Happy New Year all!