17 February 2010

M&H Business Cards

In case you weren't aware, mint&honey does offer custom design for business collateral. Here are some examples of business cards I have designed recently. I'm working on two more, one for my mother and one for my mother-in-law. The charge for custom design on a business card is the same for all other non-wedding related services, just $40. The cost of printing is separate.

12 February 2010

Valentine Cookie Boxes

Saturday was spent in the kitchen ALL day making cookies for my family for Valentine's day. Of course it was so much fun, and I love baking and being creative on holidays. I started out my day with Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Coconut Cookies. Kelly can't stand when I add things to chocolate chip cookies. So I never get to make anything like this for myself. I was banking that were would be a couple that wouldn't fit into the boxes so I could keep them for myself. The only thing I changed from the recipe was that I used dark chocolate chips. So yummy, I'm actually eating one right now :)

I had actually prepared the shortbread dough the night before so all I had to do was get my heart-shaped cookie cutter out and get to work. I used the recipe for Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies with Pink Sprinkles from the bread & honey food blog. The recipe was sooo good. This was my second time making shortbread and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookies; the pink sprinkles made it even better! So buttery and crisp!

Sulu is always hanging around whenever I'm baking or cooking, hoping he'll get a little sample. Sorry, but not this time. I didn't think my already hyper dog needed sugar in his diet.
While the cookies were cooling I started decorating these thin cardboard boxes I picked up from Michael's for .89 a piece. I decorated them from cut out hearts, doilies, and maps and created a label for the inside lid of the box. I had most the ingredients for the cookies already on hand, so I didn't spend a lot out of pocket for this project.

Here is the recipe for the only cookie I didn't document the baking of, my photographs didn't turn out that great. Flourless Double Chocolate Cookies. These cookies are the best right out of them oven; after a day they get pretty hard and crunchy and not as enjoyable. So eat them fast if you decide to make them!

SNOW day!!

Yay! Texas and Arkansas finally got some snow! Just in time for a four day weekend we have!

Sulu wouldn't stay in the picture one second.

yeah, my dog's crazy

10 February 2010

Blogging Artists

I thought I would dedicate this blog to sharing with you some of my favorite artists out there who are bloggers and maybe one who isn't, but shouldn't go unmentioned despite the fact. I love reading their blogs for curiosity and inspiration.