04 January 2009

out with the auld and in with the new

All internet surfing and blog browsing was put to a halt when we had to move apartments over the holidays.We actually moved into a newer place, our old loft was circa 1920's and our current apartment is circa 1940's, so we're movin' on up.
We still have a few more things to hang on the wall and since I've gotten internet back, I've been searching for inexpensive art on etsy, poppytalk, the keep calm gallery and little paper airplanes. Everything is coming along quite nicely; the apartment is smaller, but it definitely has a cozy feeling that our other place didn't have.

Here are some before pictures.....
The wall color is earl grey, perfect since I'm an avid earl grey tea drinker.
That's all for now....
Back to the real world where school starts tomorrow and I have to plan my meals for the week.
Au revoir!