01 July 2012

Lucy's First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lucy's birthday on Friday and I spent all day taking my time putting it all together with the help of Kelly of course. Earlier in the week I created a month by month poster of Lucy on photoshop with an instagram photo from each month. I found all the party plates and napkins at TJ Maxx. Target has a cute party brand called Spritz where I got the birthday banner and some other extras. I created the big letters on the window, which I admit, I went over the top where my doodling turned into this elegant scripty style which was cute but not what you picture for a first birthday party haha. 

We had a lot of sweet friends come, many not pictured. It was so sweet to have everyone there celebrating this first year with our Lulu. 

Lucy was such a sport the whole party. She actually woke up with a low grade fever which later in the afternoon turned into a higher temperature. That was the worst news to hear after working hard all day to get prepared, but her medicine kicked in enough for her to enjoy her friends, presents and a little cake. 

We got cupcakes from Flour Child Fine Foods (Lemon Curd with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting,) which by the way I just have to say are the most amazing cupcakes I've ever put in my mouth. I will admit I might have had a couple before the party because I knew they would be devoured before I could get my hands on one. Even though we had the cupcakes, I wanted to make a cake for her. I stuck to just using boxed cake mix, but made homemade strawberry buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache for the cakes. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to decorate it, so at the last minute I bought some random candy and right before the party started I threw this together.

Lucy was a little too distracted by her toys to try her cake. And that was fine by Kelly, since he wants Lucy to avoid sugar altogether. 

Happy Birthday Lucy, you're the sweetest and the cutest. 

26 June 2012

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Totally pathetic that I haven't post since February. Oh well... I'm sorry blog for neglecting you. The end. 

In other big news my sweet little Lucy is officially a ONE year old tomorrow. I can't imagine life without her. She's seriously been such a great baby, I am so incredibly blessed. Happy Birthday Sweet Lulu! We're having a little party for her on Friday, so I guess I can count on that as a future post. :)

08 February 2012

If you have time to blog, I hate you....

Well... not really... but it does seem that everyone is having fun but me. Or that's what I'm perceiving from the people around me true or not.

I know everyone is busy with something so I will not complain about being busy. I'm having to put all of my happy creative thoughts in list form and save them for a rainy day though and that's kinda of sad for me.

I have until the end of March until my portfolio is due and then MAYBE I can begin to put my thinking into some doing.

In case you're interested I have Valentine's from years past in my Etsy shop!

23 August 2011

Introducing... Lucy Scot

Hi I'm Lucy Scot Carr I was born June 27, 2011 at 4:31 in the afternoon.
I weighed 5lb. 11oz. and was 19.25 inches long.
My favorite things to do are sleep, of course, look out the window, meeting new people, hanging out in the moby wrap (thanks Ali) and taking bathes.
I don't like crying, being woken up by loud noises, getting dressed, or getting shots.
I'm not sure what to think about Sulu the beagle, getting my diaper changed, daddy's beard, or the hiccups.

Props the the photographer Micah Dorsey for capturing amazing moments in time of sweet Lucy.

18 August 2011

mint&honey summer projects

I fit in a couple of more mint&honey orders before Lucy was born. Now I'm taking a short break to get adjusted to having her in my life. Things have definitely slowed now that she is sleeping much longer through the night and having her here is not as daunting as it was at the beginning. At first, I thought I would never get anything accomplished with all the bottles I had to wash, diapers I had to change and the feedings that seemed like they were starting just as we had finished the last one. Now at seven weeks old, I feel like I know exactly what to expect each day with her and having her here finally is the greatest!

21 June 2011

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

Our last big undertaking in our house was the main bathroom. We knew there was going to be a lot involved in updating and transforming it, so we put it off to the end. Kelly again is such a trooper taking this on. He completely stripped down the room by removing drywall, ripping up the tile to the sub floor, and removing the handicap shower stall. And then, we knew there was no turning back. After many hours spent watching youtube videos about how to do this and that and talking with the people at Home Depot and Lowe's who probably knew Kelly by name at the end of all this, he finally finished. It took from January to May but WE'RE FINISHED! So, to put this room back together again; Kelly installed a bathtub (because he loves his baths), tiled the walls around the tub, tiled the floor, tiled the countertops, installed new drywall on the walls and the ceiling, painted, put up new trim and installed all the hardware and I'm sure I'm leaving some things out. Again, I'm so proud and thankful he's such a hard worker and see's projects to their very end. Doing this ourselves saved us so much money.

Tile: Lowe's
Sink & Faucet: Lowe's
Mirror: Target
Light Fixture: Pendant - Amazon; Shade - Ikea
Bathroom rug: West Elm
Shower curtain: West Elm
Knobs: Anthropologie
Frames: Ikea

15 June 2011

Lucy's Nursery: Before & After

Lucy's nursery is complete except for some very minor details, so I'm going to show off the cutest parts. Before there were even these wood floors, there was some very old knotted carpet that Kelly had to rip up. He sanded the wood floors and and added a light coat of varnish. He painted a fresh coat of paint and completely changed the shelving in the closet. I am so thankful for him, he worked so hard on getting everything ready for me to decorate. I love how everything turned out. The nursery feels calming, there's lots of natural light and we feel it really reflects our style on a budget.

Paint: Turtledove by Behr & Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore
Crib: Hand me down
Bedding: Duvet from Urban Outfitters, transformed into bedding by GreenNeedle
Dresser: Hand me down
Knobs: Anthropologie
Rocking Chair: Ikea
Frames: Ikea
Curtains: Urban Outfitters

And my sister just bought this vintage embroidered piece to hang in the nursery, it's sooo cute!