30 December 2009

recipe cards

These are two recipe cards I created for my sister for a Christmas present. She was the first out of all of us to attempt to boil water and go on to master basic breakfast foods. Since, she will probably be married soon and have her own kitchen, she can now start saving recipes. I was forever looking for a cute recipe binder to hold these cards and the only one's I could find were "country kitchen" style with chickens and things on the cover. As I was browsing through Target being disgusted that they too only had "country kitchen" recipe binders I noticed across the aisle were the photo albums which has the exact same function as a recipe binder except aesthetically more pleasing to look at..... and there were cheaper! It worked perfectly holding the 4"x6" recipe cards they only difference is there were no dividers, but I could live with that.

19 December 2009

I was so pumped this week when I saw that Nicole, a guest blogger on Design*Sponge was wanting to use photos from my kitchen on Wood Street in a blog post about how people utilize space in small kitchens. Design*Sponge is my favorite design blog out there, I feel so special to have been featured, even for a small thing like this. You can locate the article here.

Last week I completed another one of my holiday ambitions. I made two soft trees based on a project featured on the purl bee. It was surprisingly easy, and with the help of my friend Melanie and her sewing machine I was able to get these sewed and stuffed.

05 December 2009

christmas papergoods by mint&honey

Here's a look at some of the Christmas paper goods that came from mint&honey this year. I will show more later. These were all so fun to make; like always. And each one personalized to each person's interests.

01 December 2009

Yarn Wreath Complete

My second holiday ambition is complete. Over the Thanksgiving holidays I made a yarn wreath. All of the materials can be found at Michael's, even the reindeer! Now.... where am I going to hang it?