30 December 2009

recipe cards

These are two recipe cards I created for my sister for a Christmas present. She was the first out of all of us to attempt to boil water and go on to master basic breakfast foods. Since, she will probably be married soon and have her own kitchen, she can now start saving recipes. I was forever looking for a cute recipe binder to hold these cards and the only one's I could find were "country kitchen" style with chickens and things on the cover. As I was browsing through Target being disgusted that they too only had "country kitchen" recipe binders I noticed across the aisle were the photo albums which has the exact same function as a recipe binder except aesthetically more pleasing to look at..... and there were cheaper! It worked perfectly holding the 4"x6" recipe cards they only difference is there were no dividers, but I could live with that.

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la famille bizarre said...

LOVE THEM! I want some! Can I order on etsy?