26 January 2010

Birch Tree Decals

Ever since I've seen this post last June on knack's blog, I have seen dying to get these trees in my entry way. Well, one purchase from artfire and a paypal claim later they were in my hands! It's not worth mentioning which seller I got them from because they caused such a hassle. Since we finally got our living painted and things looking relatively good in there, we decided it was time to hang the trees. I'd been kind of scared of the whole process though because I didn't want to mess them up, but our friend Will and his wife hung some in their new apartment and he said it wasn't hard at all. And he was right! I love how they look, I'm just debating on whether to put a bird perched on the branch above the front door though. Not sure if the bird thing is too trendy or not. I'll have to sleep on that.

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