01 January 2011

Goodbye 2010!

I was looking back at the New Year's Resolutions I made last January to see how faithful I had been to my goal for 2010, and I was really surprised by all that we were able to accomplish.
Goal: Progress on House (Paint: Den, Bedroom, Studio; Carpet: Studio; Retile: Bathroom)
I had a whole bunch of projects for our house and almost every single thing I mentioned got finished; with the exception of the bathroom. But it such a relief to almost have our home completely updated. And I couldn't have done it without Kelly's help. He played a MAJOR role in getting most things finished and looking right. But our bathroom is about to be tackled we've almost reached our goal in our savings to be able to start working on it. It will be one of our biggest undertakings yet.
Goal: Find inexpensive/modern/mid-century furniture for our home.
Second, I realized that the dream of getting all the furniture I wanted for our house was going to be a little difficult with our funds and my pickiness. And that's okay, we did manage to get my grandmother's couch reupholstered and as soon as I find the perfect fabric I will get her wingback reupholstered as well. I scored so really great pieces of art and bought curtains for most of the rooms.
Goal: Get my sewing machine out of the box that I get for Christmas last year and get crafty.
Third, I guess you can say I halfway met this goal. I got the sewing machine out of the box. I just didn't take the time this year to learn how to use it. So I will carry that resolution over to 2011.
Goal: Create a 2011 calendar.
Fourth, I did start on my 2011 calendar very early in the year in fact. But some unforeseen events, put my interests elsewhere and I was unable to finish it. Oh well, these thing happen and I'm not too sad about it.
Goal: Be health conscious
Fifth, I actually feel really good about this resolution. I did drink way more water this year, I cooked really healthy and for a while this past year I ran and did yoga. So hooray, goal accomplished.
2010 has been really great to us! I was able to be involved with some art related projects in our community. And we are expecting our first child summer 2011. So no doubt 2011 will also be an incredibly memorable year, since I'll be spending the first half pregnant and the second half getting acquainted to motherhood.

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Dani said...

I have a sewing machine that I don't really know how to use either! Maybe we can collaborate...