25 March 2011

Bathroom Redo

According to my diligent and hard working husband, our bathroom makeover that has been in progress since the middle of January is down to two weeks until completion. I was very surprised and pleased to hear this. But I'm going to give him a month anyway, because I've learned there are always set backs.

Here is a little of what I've envisioned for the bathroom. And some pictures of some of the accessories I have picked out.
  • Gut shower stall, install new bathtub (check)
  • New tiling around bathtub (check)
  • Replace ceiling tiles with drywall (check)
  • Replace paneling with better walls (check)
  • Replace floor (almost there)
  • Replace sink (bought not yet installed)
  • Replace tile for countertop (almost there)
  • Fresh coat of paint on everything (in progress)

Above are the two pictures that are our inspiration in color and style of the bathroom.

Floor tile design we have picked out from Lowes.

I would love the find a pendant shade similar to this, but unfortunately this one is out of my budget.

I love this raw wood shelving with iron brackets from Pottery Barn, but yet again it would be a tight fit into the budget.

Untraditional choice for a bathroom rug/mat, but I wanted a splash of pink in there and I got a good deal on Overstock for this one.

Shower curtain from west elm

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished project!!