29 March 2011

Nursery: Stuffed Animals & Pillows

This past week I lifted the burden of completing my baby registry. I have been reading reviews and combing websites since January trying to find items with reasonable prices with the style we're wanting to achieve in the nursery. Along the way I bookmarked a lot of cute things in and out of my price range.
I was never really attached to any of my stuffed animals growing up, though they were a comfort to have around and I loved piling them up then jumping into them. They were not that special to me. A teddy bear looked like every other teddy bear out there, no uniqueness to them. So I became real excited when I came across cute stuffed animals and pillows on Etsy and other sites, I just had to share.

Stripey Pipey ($42) - The Black Rabbit
Double Decker Bus Pillow ($85) - Bliss Living

Orla Kiely Fabric Cats ($24) - Jane Foster Screen Printed Products

Mabel Marigold the Spring Bunny Plush ($26) - Sleepy King

Liam the Woodland Fox ($38) - Sleepy King

Lion Screen Printed Pillow ($26) - Sass & Peril

Little Red Riding Hood Softie Pillow ($23) - Pink Nounou

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Carly Jo said...

These are so cute and unique! I'm sure Lucy will love them!