04 February 2011

Nursery Art

The search begins and it needs to begin now because I am incredibly picky and indecisive about picking out things for our house. So I've been creating a wish list on wishpot.com of all the things I've come across online that I am considering for the baby and our nursery. There is not a definite color scheme I have in mind, or maybe I just want it to appear that I don't have a color scheme. Regardless, what hangs on the wall is a defining part of the feel of a room. Here is some cute art prints I've come across that goes with what we envision for the nursery.

1. Canal Street New Orleans by Matte Stephens
2. Dear You, Mister Bear by blackoutwell
3. Uh Oh by Rifle Paper Co.
4. Friends of Violet by Studio Violet
5. Doudou ABC Print by Kayatine

1 comment:

la famille bizarre said...

i love all of those! i'm in the process of decorating lucas' "big boy" room so I've been going thru the same thing. so much to choose from!!