25 August 2009


These are two of my most recent invitations both designed for engagement parties/showers. The first one is for an engagement party turned campout and cookout. I tried to make it look like a postcard from camp. Should be a lot of fun!
The last one is for a big engagement party at a great outdoor venue with music, friends and food!

Lots of exciting things going on with mint&honey! (at least for me anyway) I'm getting started on holiday cards and several different designs for thank you cards. My goal before the year is out is to have my Etsy shop up and running with a variety of papergoods and perhaps some vintage goods.


chelsie-dianne said...

FYI... friday october 12th doesn't exist..

heather carr said...

haha yeah it doesn't exist in this year!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an etsy shop now? I thought you did!