09 September 2009

The days are not long enough!

safari bday
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Do things ever slow down? And if they did, would I like it? Maybe just for a day or two. I don't have too much to share or blog about for right now. Even though I feel like I have a ton of stuff going on. I don't want to show too much of what I'm working on, because a lot of it will be for my Etsy shop that I plan I having up and running by the end of October. ::crossing my fingers::

Here is a birthday invitation commission, safari themed. Children's invitations and announcement are always more fun to work on for me. It reminds me of doodling in math class on the back of my notebook or bookcover.

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Micah and Brooke said...

love that it is so cute!! hey i want to buy some of your grocery/to do lists!!! i love them!!!!!