17 August 2009


Here is a picture of the wallpaper I ordered and received today from selectwallpaper.co.uk. I am wallpapering 3 walls in my dining room that is connected to my formal living room, which is painted a light gray (seattle mist from benjamin moore.) I'm excited about putting it up even though I've never wallpapered anything before. I've heard it's easy from some and hard from others. I don't expect it to be a piece of cake, but I'm still crossing my fingers I don't completely screw it up. Good thing I have this book below to help me and give me ideas on what to do with the left over scraps! Image of living space from Feb. 2007 Blueprint Magazine.
I ordered this cute return address stamp from paperwink. They have the cutest papergoods!


knack said...

love the wallpaper....that is going to look so fantastic!

......and your stamp is so fun!

Amy Schreve said...

thanks! i want to make it cute..like yours!!! i got to learn that part. I'm still waiting for more of my pieces to upload and then hopefully I will be in business!!! It's fun so far! love the wallpaper!

autumn scrivner said...

i'm a little behind, but i wanted to say that first that story about your grandmother is incredibly sweet. she sounds like a treasure of a woman. second, i looooove the dresser make-over! and third, i am so happy wallpaper is back. i've been obsessing over it lately! good luck with putting it up!