03 June 2010

Summer Has Began

Unfortunately I will not be spending my summer days relaxing on a beach enjoying the books on my summer reading list. I will be getting hardcore about finishing the projects on my house. I spent yesterday prepping the den and today I will priming and hopefully painting the trim. I'm thinking I will be finished with this project on Monday ::finger crossed:: Along with the den there is our poor little bathroom that needs paint, wallpaper and a new floor.

Because school was insaneville from the last of April until the end, there was not a lot of mint&honey action going on. Just a couple of mother's day gifts and baby shower invitations. But I'm in hopes of finishing my 2011 calendar this summer along with some other items I can load in my etsy shop.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and wearing plenty of sunscreen for all occasions.

1 comment:

kym said...

Looks nice and relaxing...is that Julia and Julia your reading?
Good book!