22 June 2010

My Kitchen Revealed

Yay! I feel like my kitchen is the first completed room in our house. Kelly installed some track lighting from Ikea this past weekend and it totally changes the vibe. This just confirms how important lighting is to a room. My kitchen is completely inspired from a kitchen I saw in a 2008 issue of Blueprint magazine. In fact, most of my house is inspired from just that one issue. The colors I used were spring mint, antiguan sky, and hazy blue from Benjamin Moore.


Micah and Brooke said...

so beautiful! you have really done an amazing job on your first house! teach me your patience for when we have a house! :)

Melissa said...


What color is your cabinets? Very beautiful! Is it Spring Mint? Thanks so much!

heather carr said...

I used one paint swatch from Benjamin Moore. The lightest colors for the walls, the next one down for the cabinets, and the next down for the trim. I believe the one we used for the cabinets was antiguan sky.