01 July 2012

Lucy's First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lucy's birthday on Friday and I spent all day taking my time putting it all together with the help of Kelly of course. Earlier in the week I created a month by month poster of Lucy on photoshop with an instagram photo from each month. I found all the party plates and napkins at TJ Maxx. Target has a cute party brand called Spritz where I got the birthday banner and some other extras. I created the big letters on the window, which I admit, I went over the top where my doodling turned into this elegant scripty style which was cute but not what you picture for a first birthday party haha. 

We had a lot of sweet friends come, many not pictured. It was so sweet to have everyone there celebrating this first year with our Lulu. 

Lucy was such a sport the whole party. She actually woke up with a low grade fever which later in the afternoon turned into a higher temperature. That was the worst news to hear after working hard all day to get prepared, but her medicine kicked in enough for her to enjoy her friends, presents and a little cake. 

We got cupcakes from Flour Child Fine Foods (Lemon Curd with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting,) which by the way I just have to say are the most amazing cupcakes I've ever put in my mouth. I will admit I might have had a couple before the party because I knew they would be devoured before I could get my hands on one. Even though we had the cupcakes, I wanted to make a cake for her. I stuck to just using boxed cake mix, but made homemade strawberry buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache for the cakes. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to decorate it, so at the last minute I bought some random candy and right before the party started I threw this together.

Lucy was a little too distracted by her toys to try her cake. And that was fine by Kelly, since he wants Lucy to avoid sugar altogether. 

Happy Birthday Lucy, you're the sweetest and the cutest. 

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Dani W said...

She's so pretty! What a sweet little party for a sweet girl. Congrats on a year!