06 September 2010

Robot Dance Party

My friend Sarah contacted me in July asking me to design a birthday party invitation for her son who was turning three. At that point I was pretty excited because my favorite kind of invitations to design are for birthday parties. But then she proceeded to tell me that she wants to throw him a robot dance party and wanted to have "emo-bots" drawn on the invitation. Haha! This was one of the coolest birthday party ideas, I'd ever heard. And I was loving the idea of giving robots some emo flare. I wanted to pull from some of the design elements of classic vintage robots from the 1950's and 60's. So below is how the invitation turned out, along with some pictures she took from the party. I was blown away to find out she had the cake designed from the invitation with the little emo-bot sporting the mustache. She did a great job making the party come to live.


Mindy said...

Heather!!! Those invitations are amazing!!! And what a CUTE birthday theme idea!! Cannot believe Lucas is 3!!! You and Sarah have some inspiring creativity!! Miss you and love you both!!

Laura O said...

WHAT A CUTE IDEA!!! You are one talented woman!

la famille bizarre said...

I'm still in love with those invitations! He may be having another "emo-bot" party next year . . . ha ha! I'll thank you a million times over because those turned out better than I ever imagined!