07 October 2009

Open House // Etsy

mint&honey has been asked to participate in an Open House. An interior designer in town is opening up her house to give her clients an update on what services she has available to them. Since I was already designing the invitation for the event, she thought it would be a great idea if I could sell some of my papergoods there as well. Since I was in the process of opening my Etsy shop I thought it would be a good opportunity to put myself out there a little more. I am going to have thank you cards, note cards and hopefully some Christmas cards available there. I'm really excited about it and will post pictures soon after.
In other news, mint&honey's etsy shop is finally open but only has the bare basics right now. I'm in the process of adding more items to it. But you should add me to your favorites and check back later this month!
I hope you have been enjoying the Fall! I've been making almost every dessert under the sun that could possibly have pumpkin in it! Scones, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, bread and for my sister's birthday a pumpkin cheesecake.

Have a great week!

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