03 May 2009

may thrift finds

May is a busy, busy month; as I am sure it is for any normal or abnormal person. I have weddings, end of school, end of a college course, planning vacations, starting a summer job, working on more mint&honey goods and more.
Despite this tornado, I was able to enjoy my Saturday hitting up a favorite thrift store.
I plan on turning this cute little kitchen pot into a pot for some fresh herbs. I'm so pumped about! I hope to fit rosemary, cilantro, mint and basil.
I can't decide whether to save the mushrooms, or give this letter holder a makeover.
What do you think?
Have a merry month, I will be updating with mint&honey goods as they are created.

1 comment:

brown eyed blogg said...

mi-hi-isssss you. love your finds. the rosemary, will get pretty big. might all fit in together. lets thrift soon. i miss you. i think you should paint that thing. any mushrooms you would do would be cuter than those!! do something "French" ish.