08 March 2009


I recently celebrated my 25th birthday and it was super fun! My kindergarten students surprised me with a birthday poster they made in Spanish and then sung me happy birthday in Spanish.
I thought I'd share some of my gifts: some cool shades (which were a gift to myself) Tazo Organic Chai (my recent obsession, I have at least 2 cups a day), sharpie pens, a fun chocolate bar, some house slippers, Domino The Book of Decorating and an Orla Keily mug; simple, sweet gifts!

I just completed a birthday invitation for my good friend Mel, Her daughter is turning 8! I had so fun making it, as I do with everything.


ali blagg said...

your invitation rocks!!!!!

knack said...

better hold on to that chai, because I'm addicted as well!!