26 June 2008

Rhymes and Reasons

I have been reading blogs for the past couple of years. I never started my own because I didn't think it was something I could keep up with or I didn't have enough going on in my life to put out there. So, I decided I am not going keep those excuses any longer. My desire to blog has been lingering since my discovery of food blogs. They inspired me to cook and experiment with various ingredients. So, some of this blog will be dedicated to by my successes and errors in the kitchen. And the remainder of the blog will be to highlight artistic inspiration and great design I come across on the web. Several years ago I felt limited to where I could find people who design and create great things. Now, there are so many people with their cute businesses I'm discovering thanks to word of mouth, Domino Magazine and other blogs.

I finished reading a book by Franky Schaeffer called "Addicted to Mediocrity." It was a fantastic book that brings shame to crappy design and artistic sterility and promotes for people with the talent and desire to create in whatever area to not settle for society's low expectations for art, architecture and design. There certainly were no metal-sided buildings exalted in my art history books. The book points to God as the ultimate creator, who in everything He created was such beauty and grandeur. As works of His creation, He also gave to us the desire to create. With that gift we shouldn't produce things half-heartedly or with lower standards.

So check out the book, it's neat.

Here are some friends/artists who are not addicted to mediocrity:


chelsie-dianne said...

You started a blog today too!!! I'm so excited.. and I want to learn from your cooking too!

Let's stay BFFs.

Will_Bryant said...

Yay yay!!!!

you check poppytalk??
those peeps are WONDERFUL!
loooove them